Australia Grew Up

Australia finally has an R18+ for video games!

Thank you.

Grow up Australia

Aaron Percival
Jake Edwards
John Kinbacher
Christopher Todd
Nicholas Alexander Woodford

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association

Ron Curry
Raelene Knowles
Josh Cavaleri

Espresso Communications

Corrie McLeod
Grace Gabriel


David Doe
Chris Prior
Katharine Nicholson

R18+ Games Australia

Tim Colwill

PALGN / Everybody Plays

Roland Kulen

The Politicians

Brendan O’Connor
David Bartlett
Simon Corbell

The Journalists

Mark Serrels
Laura Parker
James Kozanecki
Ben Mansill
Seamus Byrne
David Wildgoose
Chris Stead
Matt Sun
Peta Waller-Bryant
Luke Lawrie

The Academics

Dr. Jeffery Brand
Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson

The Retailers

EB Games

Gamers & Non-Gamers Alike

Everyone who signed a petition or, even better, sent a letter; everyone who told a friend and spread the word; everyone who attended a rally or handed out a flyer; and to all the people who supported us and helped us make a positive impact in this debate.