Group History

Grow up Australia has humble beginnings as a Facebook group that was started in October 2009. It aimed to bring together people who wanted Australia to introduce an R18+ rating for video games. Administrators and officers of the group encouraged those people to express their views and share news in a rational and civil way.

The group provided regular updates, organised events such as “Write your Attorney-General a Letter Day” and helped to promote other worthy events.

Proving to be very popular, Grow up Australia quickly surpassed the membership of similar groups and by November 2009, it had extended beyond Facebook to its very own website. Grow up Australia has since been featured on many well known news sites.

The group continues to provide updates and encourage people to raise awareness and get involved.

… website, a relatively new website designed to champion the introduction of an R18+ rating category.

…Grow Up Australia’s Web site has a solid resource of information regarding the R18+ issue.

Grow up Australia has become the driving force behind calls for an R18+ rating down under

More than 16,000 submissions to the Federal Attorney-General were gathered by pro-R18+ group Grow Up Australia…

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