“Mick” Is Takin’ It To The Streets

Grow up Australia has just discovered that Michael Atkinson will be appearing in Findon, a suburb in his electorate of Croydon. In a letter that was emailed to us he states:

I like making myself available to listen to what local people are saying – not just at election time. No matter where you live, we’ll be less than a five-minute walk away. You are welcome to come along to any of the meetings and raise matters you think are of importance to you and your family.

The letter in full is displayed below.

The Honourable Michael Atkinson is the Attorney-General most vocally opposed to the introduction of an R18+ for video games. You can read his 6 page letter on the subject here and listen to a recent radio interview on the ABC here.

We are encouraging people who live in Adelaide to attend one of these Street Corner Meetings and bring the issue up with Atkinson. If anyone takes any photos or video footage please send it through to us at contact@growupaustralia.com

This event can also be found on our new Event Calendar!

Street-Corner Meetings Letter

Street-Corner Meetings Letter

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