Internet Blackout

Grow up Australia supports the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games. We believe that adults are responsible enough to protect children from inappropriate material within the home. Our view on the government’s plan to censor the internet is a similar one.

This week over 450 websites are participating in The Great Australian Internet Blackout. An initiative that seeks to raise awareness and urge people to speak out against internet censorship. Internet service provider iiNet are participating as are the Greens.

Below are some points copied from GetUp! A form is provided on the GetUp! site to help you send your views to Senator Conroy.

  • The scheme is opposed by child welfare charities, civil liberty groups and professional bodies – and with good reason.
  • Both the mandatory blacklist and the optional filter miss the vast majority of unwanted content, which is normally shared using email or file-sharing networks – not through web traffic.
  • ISP filtering will detract resources from tackling child abuse and waste tens of millions of dollars.
    Senator Conroy has reneged on a promise to have a public consultation process on his proposed mandatory internet censorship scheme.
  • His alleged public consultation is narrowly limited to one aspect of the scheme, and does not invite question of the central issue, which is whether to have a mandatory internet filter.
    GetUp! has gathered over 120,000 petition signatures in opposition to mandatory internet censorship scheme.
  • There are plenty of alternatives – like distributing software to parents to use at home, or making the filter opt-in rather than mandatory.
  • Alarmingly, the Department has indicated that it may not publish all submissions, singling out submissions made by individuals using online tools like GetUp’s website. In short, they are threatening to censor a public consultation on accountability and transparency.

You can find more information at the following websites: