Left 4 R18+ Rally Imminent!

Aussie Gamers all around the country are preparing to take to the streets this Saturday to protest the lack of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia

Left 4 R18+ Rally organizer Nick ‘Enigma’ Gipson is asking people to raise awareness in a non-violent way and while he is expecting a good turnout this Saturday he is hoping for this rally to pave the way for even bigger ones later on.

Protesters are being asked to hand out this flier and to make these 4 demands on the day:

  1. Remove Michael Atkinson from the R18+ decision!
  2. Release the R18+ discussion paper!
  3. Let the public vote for whether or not the R18+ should be brought in!
  4. Make Attorneys-General decisions pass with a majority vote rather than an unanimous one!

The rally will be held at each states Attorney-General office. It will begin on Saturday the 21st of November at 11am and finish at 5pm.

Left 4 R18+ Rally Poster

Left 4 R18+ Rally Poster

  1. James at 14:57 2009.11.19

    Cool I live in Sydney so I guess there will be one around here?

    “11am to 5 pm” perfect for gamers lol late enough to let them wake up a few hours early and finishes just on time to get back home and on their favorite games. (Joking of course) for the majority of you anyway. lol

  2. Mark at 15:30 2009.11.19

    I’ll be at the Sydney rally! See you there =)

  3. jack at 16:46 2009.11.19

    does anybody know how many people roughly, will be turning up for the hobart rally. And im assuming its down at salamanca?

    • Nick at 22:00 2009.11.19

      Hobart is

      Level 10
      15 Murray Street
      Hobart Tasmania 7000

      Hope to see u there man

  4. David at 19:37 2010.02.22

    Just saying but i honestly think that this will only increase piracy. reason is because more games are going to be released. when people who are under 18 see that they can’t buy a certain game, that will lead to piracy. someone will go and buy the R18+ game then put it up on the internet. It’s alright to have the rating up there for certain platforms but platforms like Xbox 360 and definitely the PC will definitely lose profit, cause less game developments because of lack of profit. I’m just saying that this will actually make kids WANT to pirate games. it’s the same thing with movies. Does anyone have anything to comment on this? it’s making me think that even the R18+ has good things, bad things will happen too. mostly bad things….