Queensland can help us get an R18+!

Grow up Australia has just become aware of an E-Petition currently accepting signatures on the Queensland Parliament website.  This is an official petition that is sponsored by a Member of Parliament, The Honourable Kate Jones Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability.

If you support the introduction of an R18+ rating for computer games and live in Queensland you must sign this petition! If you know someone who lives in Queensland who can sign this Petition send them this link: http://bit.ly/R18GAMES

If Queensland introduces an R18+ rating for computer games there is good reason to believe that the nation will follow. In the letter we received from Michael Atkinson he stated that:

In Australia there is merit in a national classification scheme that requires unanimity between jurisdictions. State and Territory boarders are incapable of restricting media to jurisdiction: once games classified R18+ are available in one State they will be readily available in others.  

In Queensland computer games are regulated by two Acts:

  • The Federal Act: Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995
  • A State Act: Classification of Computer Games and Images Act 1995

A small adjustment in the State Act could mean that computer games refused classification under the Federal Act would then be able to be Classified R18+ under the State Act. This would make those games legally available in Queensland.

Please fill out our petition and short survey as well: http://bit.ly/r18-4-aus

  1. jackjack at 07:30 2009.11.20

    have to love the Queensland government!!!!!

  2. A GPMG at 18:06 2009.11.24

    When games like Modern Warfare 2 are given a 17 or 18 year old classification all round the world but Australia, this system is not working….

    C`mon Silly Aussies, SORT IT OUT

  3. Mitch at 08:49 2009.12.04

    This is a joke Atkinson going on about protecting Children is a dumb excuse he is not because games that should be R18+ are going under as MA15+ rating and that Parents cant be punished by the Law if they buy an MA15+ game for the under 15 children but it is punishable by the law so Parents can be punshied or who ever bought the game and he goes on about Parents are dreaming if they think they can come up with a way to block out games well there is its called Parental Control which are in the Settings