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We have updated the website with a list of corporate, magazine and other new publications. List of Corporate Contacts If you have written a short opinion piece our would like to advocate our cause, be sure to get in contact with the noted organizations.

You can now follow updates by following our Twitter account and #growupaustralia tag!

A message to all our supporting Facebook members! Dear Supporters, We have almost reached 5000 members which is phenomenal! Thank-you! Having started this group only a few weeks ago, your support has helped our cause reach radio, newspapers and multiple websites. With over 1000 responses for our petition and short survey, all of us have […]

A big thank you to Peta for having Aaron on SkidRow radio to talk about an R18 rating for video games. Be sure to visit the reddit page (mentioned by Peta) to post your comments for next weeks show. We have reached a milestone of 1000 signatures! Thanks to everyone who has signed so far. Be sure to continue to pass the link on; the more signatures means more weight behind our cause. We will upload some preliminary survey results soon. Be sure to continue checking the Facebook group for more information. Thanks to all the people that sent their emails and letters last Monday the 9th. If you wern’t able to send your email or letter at that time, you can still do so now and help advocate our cause! If you need help writing a letter you can copy and paste the template found […]

We’re in today’s Sydney mX! Thanks for getting the word out Aaron! Best of all, there is instructions on the bottom right if you would like to do the same 🙂