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Update: The group has now been restored to its previous state — thanks Facebook!

This morning, administrators of Grow up Australia’s Facebook group received a warning when they logged on to the website.

Group Removal Warning Message - Facebook

The group “Grow up Australia – R18+ Rating for Computer games”, of nearly 37,000 members, has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use.

While an R18+ classification for computer games in Australia may be considered a controversial issue, we do not believe that any of the content provided by the Administrators of the group in question could be deemed to violate the Terms of Use. Very rarely, an inappropriate comment would be posted by one of the members, however our group administrators have always been vigilant in moderating the group and removing any inappropriate posts or content.

We have regularly encouraged our members to report posts they deem to be inappropriate to Facebook, in the hope that Facebook would help us in removing offending posts that we are unable to deal with in a timely manner. The report function on Facebook’s site has been very useful in this regard.

We agree that Facebook needs to take an active role in removing groups that violate their Terms of Use, however we feel that they may have incorrectly reviewed our group as violating said terms. Currently, we are attempting to contact Facebook in regards to the issue, in hope to restore the group to its previous state.

In the interim we have created a fan page for our members to join.

You may also follow us for updates on Twitter.

Zombie Lurch

Photo obtained from http://www.whatabigcamera.com/

Zombies lurched through Sydney during the weekend to protest the lack of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia. The lurch was organized by Gamers for a proper ratings system in Aus, one of the many facebook groups advocating the introduction of the rating.

Earlier this year a R18 “Cosplay for a Cause” Rally that was being organized by Gametraders was canceled amid concerns that the cosplay component would mean the rally would not be taken seriously. You can read more at The Escapist.

The Zombie Lurch was also mentioned on Radio SkidRow this evening during The Rack. A weekly show airing on Mondays 6-7pm. The same show that Aaron was interviewed on last week. Thanks to the host Peta for giving our cause some attention!

Those who missed out can still attend the Left 4 R18+ Rally scheduled for this coming Saturday the 21st of November. This rally will take place at locations in every state. For further details click here.

We have just been informed via a Facebook message that Nick ‘Enigma’ Gipson who is organizing a nationwide R18+ for games rally has received a reply to an email he sent to Margaret Pomeranz.

Dear Nick,

I would very much like to have supported you in the protest but unfortunately I am committed elsewhere on that day.  Can I ask why you’re doing it on a Saturday?  AG’s are unlikely to be in their offices.  I imagine it’s because you are all working but surely a lunch-time protest would mean more people around, including AG’s. I have the Annual General Meeting of Watch on Censorship coming up this weekend and I’ll bring the matter up with them, see if there’s anything we can do.  The hard head on this is the South Australian AG Michael Atkinson.  I believe all the other states voted in favour of an R-rating for video games, based on the report recommendations of the OFLC.  Bob Debus was the AG of NSW then.  He’s now in Federal Parliament and I believe retiring at the next election.  He may be worthwhile contacting before he goes, he knows the system and may be able to give you advice.  But while one AG has the power of veto it’s going to be a long hard road to achieve anything.  The frustrating thing is being in a position where one state – South Australia – has the power to determine the situation for all of Australia.  Not democratic at all.

I wish you luck.  I think you have right on your side.

I’ll be in touch if WoC can do anything to help.  Just sorry I can’t on the day.


Margaret Pomeranz


Margaret Pomeranz was also recently interviewed by Byteside.

For information about Nick’s rally visit:  http://left4r18.xtremenetworkonline.com/

A message to all our supporting Facebook members!

Dear Supporters,

We have almost reached 5000 members which is phenomenal! Thank-you!

Having started this group only a few weeks ago, your support has helped our cause reach radio, newspapers and multiple websites. With over 1000 responses for our petition and short survey, all of us have played a part in raising awareness about this issue. It is only the beginning…

Unfortunately once we exceed 5000 members in our Facebook group, it will cease to give us the ability to send out important updates.

For future updates, you will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed or mailing list from our website, https://www.growupaustralia.com. We have also put all of the latest news from various related sources on the site. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to stay involved, and keep track of new changes and developments for R18+ in Australia.

Be sure to continue passing the ‘Grow up Australia’ links to your friends, so we can continue to raise awareness and build momentum towards R18+ for Australia!

Website: https://www.growupaustralia.com


Aaron & Jake

A big thank you to Peta for having Aaron on SkidRow radio to talk about an R18 rating for video games.

Be sure to visit the reddit page (mentioned by Peta) to post your comments for next weeks show.


Thanks to all the people that sent their emails and letters last Monday the 9th. If you wern’t able to send your email or letter at that time, you can still do so now and help advocate our cause!

If you need help writing a letter you can copy and paste the template found here: http://www.r18games.com.au/help/

We’re in today’s Sydney mX! Thanks for getting the word out Aaron!

Sydney mX: 06 November

Sydney mX: 06 November

Best of all, there is instructions on the bottom right if you would like to do the same 🙂